audEERING listed as a Vendor to Watch in Gartner report

audEERING was listed as one of ten “Vendors to Watch” in a report published by Gartner, Inc. under the name “Market Trends: How AI and Affective Computing Deliver More Personalized Interactions With Devices“; Published: 31 May 2017; ID: G00315234. The report is directed at device manufacturers who aim to enhance their dialog systems and voice assistants with emotion-sensitive artificial intelligence. audEERING, a world-leading contributor of intelligent audio analysis and speech emotion recognition technology is one of the most relevant providers of next-generation artificial intelligence based on affective computing and has been named as a vendor to watch by Gartner.
Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company helping businesses to make the right decisions based on objective insights. The report can be purchased here.